Can I Be A Busy Professional & Own A Dog?

We understand more than ever the importance of working, and working hard. For busy professionals it can be seen as too much extra work to look after a new pooch, or somewhat cruel that a pet could possibly not receive the attention it deserves. But there is hope, for dog and owner alike.

After a long stress-filled day at the office, coming home to a little friend that is pleased to see you will distract you from everything earlier in the day. Owning a little pooch will also force you to head out and get some fresh air on a brisk walk. If you’re considering getting a dog, make sure you’re prepared for them with the right supplies, we know you’re busy so shop with Pet Supermarket and get it delivered to your door!

We know time is valuable, for everybody, and because of this reason we recommend a breed of dog that requires little exercise to stay healthy. Dogs that require less exercise are usually smaller in size, so their little legs won't need walking so far! We recommend the Boston Terrier or Cairn Terrier. The Boston Terrier is a small dog that stands about 15 inches tall, has a short coat that needs minimal attention and is more than happy to go on small walks and sit on the couch with its owner. The Cairn Terrier is a small ball of energy that is easily tired out after a quick play session after work, however they do have a coat that requires a little more attention than the Boston Terrier. For more dogs that would be ideal for busy workers check out this article from Pet Place.

Okay, so you love your little pet and want to get them a little bit more exercise, but are struggling to find the time for walking. Fear not, Dog School Ltd offer dog walking in Croydon, and there are companies all over the country that offer help to you busy dog owners.

Hopefully this has opened your eyes a little and proved that it's easy to be a busy person, and still have your very own, little, mans’ best friend.

Get the perfect first pet snake

Snakes are an increasingly popular pet in Britain and more people every day succumb to the beauty of these ancient and enigmatic reptiles. There are certain steps that you should take before you invest in your first pet snake, and it is vital that you do not simply rush into buying one. Snakes can live for anything from 10 years to 30 years so the decision to buy one should not be taken lightly; you do not want to be in a situation where your only option is to get rid of your snake.

Firstly it is important to establish what type of snake you want. Because this is your first snake it is highly advised that you pick a snake from the species that are known for being easy for beginners. Snake species such as the corn snake and the royal ball python are excellent first snakes as they have great temperaments and are very hardy snakes. Both of these snakes are a very manageable size even when fully grown, and the food that they eat is easily purchased from any pet store. For a guide to getting the right first snake why not pay visit to Snake Buddies for a full guide to the best snakes for beginners.

Once you have decided on a species of snake you need to ensure that you have got all of the correct equipment needed. Visiting a specialist such as Pilbara Reptile Supplies will ensure that you can get everything that you need in one place and be completely ready for your new snake. Such things as the correct UV lights and any specialist items that can be hard to come by in a local pet shop, and are best purchased from a reptile specialist to ensure the best quality and price.

Once you have all the kit then it is time to find a local breeder that has your chosen breed available. These snake breeders can be hard to come by, but using a directory such as DMOZ will allow you to find them in your area. Once you have your new pet snake it is best to take them to a vet for a health check up. Snakes are very hard to read and can be very unhealthy without showing any symptoms, so a check from a vet will give you piece of mind.

Many people even go on to decorate their home to suit their new reptile and there has been a surge in the amount of people decorating their room in reptile patterns. If you feel that your snake is not quite enough then specialists such as Wall Paper Direct can allow you to add that extra little touch to your home.

So if you are looking to get your first pet snake then do not be tempted to rush into buying one and instead follow these steps to ensure that you both you and your new pet are completely happy.

What to Do With Your Dog When You Travel?

You've finally decided to take that long-overdue vacation. A holiday that's been in the works for the last few years; you've saved up, taken the time off work and you're ready to go! But, wait - what about your dog?

Here are a few ideas that will hopefully make you feel better and put your mind at ease.

Option #1: A Dog-Friendly Friend

Find a dog-friendly friend, relative, or family member and ask them if they will dog sit for you whilst you are away.

Proper Training Can Ensure Your Dog is Never a Menace

With another fatal dog attack making the news this week it is all the more important to ensure that your dog is as well trained as possible and therefore as safe to those around you as is possible. While most of the media attention focuses on banned breeds, there a dog attacks every day in Britain that come from a vast list of different breeds, many that are not considered aggressive. The simple fact is that no matter how tame and placid a dog it forever retains its natural instinct for fight or flight, and if a dog cannot simply run away it is inevitably left with only one option. All responsible dog owners will attest to the importance of training a dog early and drumming in the basics from the puppy stage. If you are not used to having dogs in your household but are thinking of acquiring a canine companion then it is important that you start early with obedience training to ensure that your dog never becomes a hazard.